1816 Census for Franklin County Mississippi

Note: Taken from The Official and Statistical Register of the State of Mississippi, Centennial Edition, 1917, by Dunbar Rowland, Director of the Department of Archives and History, printed in Madison, Wisconsin, by the Democrat Printing Company, pages 94-98.  Take caution in using a search feature with this material.  The census taker often spelled phonetically.  Also, errors may have been made by the transcriber, as well.  Formed from the eastern part of Jefferson County and parts of Amite, Wilkinson and Adams Counties, Franklin County, MS came into existence on December 21, 1809.

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Heads of Families

Heads of Families

Benjamin Scott

Alexander Rae

Daniel Cameron

Stephen Corban

Lauchlin Galbreth

David Carnes

Peter McIntyre

Malcom Shaw

Daniel Higdon

Charles McCarrall

Daniel Galbreath

George Halloway

Hugh Cameron

Elections Williams

James Ford

John Williams

William Williams

Benjamin Hitton

Elijah Mobley

Absolem Wells

Edward J. Williams

Thomas Calvit

Moses Martin

James Humby

Jacob Guin

William Armstrong

Austin Holdbrook

Jonathan Guin, Jr.

John Bazer

Nicholas Baggot

Bailey E. Chaney

Willie Arkins

John T. Chaney

Andrew McKinsey

William Chaney

David House

William Calvit

Michael Zeagler

William Kinnison

John Gibson

Elijah W. Brown

David Callahan

Jonathan Mackey

Silas Darsey

Nathaniel Kinnison

Wilson Gibson

David Hildibrand

George Knox

William Ford

Daniel Harrigle

Henry Ford

David Havard

George Ford

John B. Owens

Jacob Guice

Stephen Owens

Johathan Guice

Willis McGee

Nancy Hollinshead

Needham Lee

David Power

Joseph Porter

Jacob Shillings

Oshen Byrd

Daniel Guice

Gabriel Scott

Abraham Guice

Thomas L. Maxwell

John Burk

George W. McConnell

Littleton Monday

Joseph Scott

Phillip May

James Goodbolt

John Shillings

William Cupete

John H. Guion

Wadell Sanders

John Morgan

David Scarborough

Zabon Barefrite

Henry Nichols

Norman Gillies

Joshua Hadley

Samuel Boyd

James Lee

Samuel Gilbert

Thomas Lazarus

William Graves

George Anding

John Kinison

William Irby

John Spiars

Eprom Flowers

John Calvit

Anthony Hutchins

Edin Byrd

Moses Bass

John F. Witherspoon

Freeman Ford

Willis Bradshaw

John Bunchley

David King

Henry C. Oats

John Lilcox

John Briggs

James Prichard

Harvey Oneal

David Berry

Samuel Gregg

Matthew Shilling

William Murphree

Thomas Bell

Tim Oneal

Richard Dunn

Arthur Howard

David Dunn

Hiram Oneal

Joseph Carter

Michael Oneal

Vinson Carter

John Buckley

Polly Thomas

Jonathan Oneal

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan Oneal, Jr.

Godfry Ethridge

William Allin

Charles Campbell

Indiah Peck

Robert Thompson

William Rounsavall

Gabriel Sojourner

Isaac Rounsavall

Richard Oglesby

John Waddell

William Oglesby

John Halls

William Verdiman

Moses Foster

Samuel Heady

Henry Jacobs

James Newell

George Davis

John Jamison

George Gray

John James

William Cain

James Carter

John Russell

James McCowen

Joseph McGinty

James Erwin

David White

Readick Sojourner

John Tarver

John Zeagler

William Peight

Abraham Roberts

John Obler

David Roberts

Birket Thompson

John H. Lusk

William Adams

Henry Murphy

John Adams

Lewis Umphry

Andrew Gray

George Fletcher

Jonnah Adams

Samuel Howze

James Mathas

James Curtis

James Gallaton

Levi Lusk

Samuel Lee

William Foster

Elijah Wright

Abraham Wacter

Nicholas Lazarus

John Foster

Thomas Brady

Arthur Bowlin

John Hawley

Jacob Wacter

Francis Whiting

John Rials

Davis Evans

Ayer Allred

Henry Sluder

Thomas Cotton

Micajah P. Stone

Morgan Murrah

Richard T. Coleman

Aaron Herrin

Joseph Winn

William Herrin

William Howard

John Cooper

Byrd Sutton

Noah Coleman

John Cameron

John Caves

David Beckett

Richison Sanders

Peter Hawthorn

Abell Blackman

Luke Rowls

James Blackman

David Thompson

Benjamin Blackman

John Stirling

John Porter

James Owens

Thomas Herrod

William Pickett

John I. Wells

Thomas K. Pickett

Peter Blackman

William K. Carter

Hugh Sanders

Thomas Havis

John Ford

William Witherspoon

Thomas Ford

James W. Smylie

John Runnells

Levi Kindrick

William Kinnisson

Grey Briggs

Thomas Aldrige

John Middleton, Jr.

Isaac Bedford

James Knox

James Stephens

Thomas Merideth

Reubin Gibson

Nathan King

Abraham Buckles

Aaron Hickingbottom

Gabriel Pickering

John Williams

Knightly Sanders

Bartlett Smith

John Lee

William Davidson

Micajah Pickett, Jr.

Bartlett Ford

George Lambright

David Williams

Isaiah Mobley

Archibald Baker

John Anding

Beal B. Rowan

Reason Mobley

James A. Witherspoon

William Porter

Thomas Kell

John Middleton, Sr.

James McCall

Samuel Ratcliffe

Thomas Rowan

John G. McConnell

Moses King

John Page

Micajah Pickett, Sr.

Adam Carriway

Lewis Stephens

John E. Witherspoon

Bartlett Shipp

John Shaw

John Ferguson

John Ducker

Absolum Ford

James Keith



Total Inhabitants, Franklin County, Miss. May 4th, 1816, - 2,712.

                                                                   T. Rowan, Assessor


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